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Sr.Nos. Contact Person Name Designation Email ID
1. Shri R. Panneerselvam Principal Director,
2. Shri Elango.S Deputy Director
3. Shri P.R. Joshi Deputy Director
4. Shri Vikas Verma Assistant Director
5. Shri Amit Chopra Assistant Director
5. Shri Deepak Gupta Assistant Director
6. Shri Sharad Kapoor Assistant Director
7. Dr. Yogesh Srivastav Assistant Director
8. Shri Rajiv Singhal Assistant Director
9. Shri Dinakaran. S Assistant Director
10. Shri Shadab Uddin Assistant Director
11. Shri D. Balaguru Field Officer
12. Shri D. Vijay Field Officer
13. Shri Rajan Yadav Field Officer
14. Shri Goutam Maiti Field Officer
15. Shri Prateek Kumar Parashar Field Officer
16. Shri R.V. Singh Trg Superintendent
17. Shri Ved Ram PA to PD
18. Smt. Manoj Mathur PA
19. Shri Nitin Srivastav Accoutant
20. Smt. Poonam Kapoor Office Superintendent
21. Shri Anil Kumar HR Superintendent
22. Shri M.C. Upadhyay HR Superintendent
23. Shri Jolly Pandey HR Superintendent
23. Smt. Kalpana Rawat U.D.C.
24. Shri Gopal Krishan Saraswat Lab Assistant

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+91–562- 2344673, 2344006


Process and Product Development Centre (PPDC, Agra) Foundry Nagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh - 282006 .
Working Hours: 09:30AM to 05:30 PM (General Shift)
CPIO-----> Shri Sharad Kapoor
APIO-----> Shri Mahesh Upadhyay